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Free Touch Ups

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Do you guys do free touch ups?


Short answer is yes we do on our own work.

However, that doesn't apply to all our tattoos, nor does it apply forever.

Let's break this down so it isn't confusing or frustrating for anyone.

The purpose of guaranteeing our work with a free touch up is so you end up with, after the healing process, the tattoo you left the studio with in the first place. The tattoo you paid for and suffered to get. After six weeks, (the time needed for your body to fully heal), if there are any light spots that healed hard, or didn't take the color well, come on back in within the first 6 months and we will be happy to put that color back in free of charge.

Now, there are certain areas of the body we do not guarantee as they are problem areas that chronically do not heal well. Hands, parts of the feet, inside of the mouth, etc. Don't worry though, we will tell you before getting these areas tattooed that they are areas that we do not guarantee. If you need them touched up, just realize there will be some cost associated with that.

If the tattoo is many years old and you would like to touch it up to make it look new again, realize there will be some cost associated with that.

If you want a tattoo without any black and use a bunch of light colors, (all white, or yellow, or pink for instance) and it doesn't look as bright as when it was first done and you want it done over again down the road, there may be some cost associated with this.

We will let you know before you get your tattoo of these situations and advise against getting tattoos that are not guaranteed.

Typically if you don't follow the care instructions we give you for healing your tattoo properly, you may end up with some light spots. Now we may or may not know that the light spots you end up with in your tattoo are because of something you did or didn't do as opposed to some fault on our part, but if we see you out on the river, at the pool, picking your tattoo, or any other dumb thing that makes the tattoo we did turn up looking bad, and then you want us to touch it up so it looks right again, realize there may be some cost associated with this.