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Specializes in custom, freehand, traditional, realistic, your design or ours, and yes, we can repair old and poorly done tattoos.

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Can I see the artwork before committing to getting the tattoo?


Generally if you want to see artwork before committing to getting the tattoo, you will be required to leave a deposit (usually $50) that will come off the price of the tattoo when you get it, and is forfeited if you decide not to get the tattoo from us to cover the artists time. A time will be set up for you to come back and take a look at the design, and any modifications that need to be done will be discussed at that time.

Not all tattoos require in depth design time, and some imagination on your part is helpful when looking at a line drawing of what will be done. We prefer to not have to waste a lot of time coloring line drawings for instance when it isn't necessary.

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